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This is awesome via /r/Minecraft by FurryDestroyer42069 https://ift.tt/2WcsfjC

… I hope they found a less time-intensive method of reproducing things than transcribing them into Minecraft books like medieval monks in scriptoria …

Have you ever met Minecrafters? They will spend hours upon hours doing anything, even the most mind-numbing tasks imaginable. And the ones who don’t will hack the shit out of the game to get anything done.

Here’s a link:

The Uncensored Library — blockworks

The Uncensored Library is a massive international collaboration between Blockworks, Reporters Without Borders, MediaMonks, and the German marketing company DDB.

24 builders from 16 countries used 12.5 million blocks to build a neoclassical building with several gardens and decorative features like a rotunda featuring flags of the world, or a massive statue of a clenched fist holding an ink pen.

It houses information from all 180 countries in the press freedom index, with special halls dedicated to information from countries where reporters are persecuted. They include Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia.

The Library server itself is under 24/7 guard against unauthorized modification. It’s also free to download in single-player mode.

Please visit their site for more information, including free downloads, a video tour, and a shop.

As a librarian I’d just like to say this is fucKING AWESOME!

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