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February 07 2018

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February 01 2018

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Did you just make a character selection menu out of plastic cups???
Soup needs more of this
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“Speak to me of calmer seas”

Illustration, pencil+digital.

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why not both?

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Best of comments

Constantly on edge, always keeping an eye out, trying to take in all the peripheral info as you go?
Anytime you appear in the media, they will focus on what you were wearing rather than what you were doing.

And if you try to claim any safe space at all you get accused of “car hating”

And if you politely challenge the status quo you get called militant.

Whenever you complain about drivers, someone will say "not all drivers".

Haha I frikken love making sweeping generalisations about car drivers and how much they're in everyone else's way.

A friend of mine put it as “cycling is probably the only time a middle-class white guy will experience operating in a system designed for the ease, comfort and safety of someone else.”

Also: cardrivers often tell you you're doing it wrong.

Also: people shout shit at me in the street when I'm cycling.

And the mix of disregard and patronising-ness is often rooted in "Well you're smaller! a softer target! not as physically capable... your very presence will distract people because they'll expect you to be unpredictable and following different rules..."

And if you’re a minority what are you doing on our roads anyway?

Plus: shaving our legs

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