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August 14 2017

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What the fuck you lookin at keep scrolling

next level

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Really want to see this

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circuit tree
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Und wie steht ihr morgens auf?
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Bluebell the adorable.  Also glowy.  But mostly adorable.

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kocie sprawy
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Look what someone did to our mystery section. LOOK AT IT.

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As an educator, I hate the bell curve system, but I really hate teachers who say, “You won’t get an A in my class.” It’s not just because it causes students to begin the semester with a feeling that they will fail the course: it’s because it is the teacher admitting to their own failure to teach. 

We are literally paid to teach a full curriculum. “I don’t give out A’s” to me translates to “I cannot 100% do my job.” There is no reason a good teacher can’t give you an 80-100% understanding of what is in the course. It’s our job to make sure you understand as much as we can. 

A class average of 50 is isn’t a statement of how hard the material is. It’s a statement that the teacher cannot complete 50% of their job.

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Incredibly couloured ivy on National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland taken by Anna Kowalów.

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All this time…

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